Friday, January 8, 2010

Trees and Goats and Blogs I Read

Do you ever come across a blog that just sucks you in, and you waste an otherwise wonderful day musing over someone else's days?  I found two today. 

I especially like Rain's murmuring trees.  She moved from Quebec to Prince Edward Island (And who doesn't love PEI after reading Anne of Green Gables??), but I have yet to figure out a reason for the move, other than a dislike for the French Quebec natives and a life that before this move was perhaps without reason.  She may have been depressed before, but she is reveling in her new life and all the lovely things that surround her.  Rain can ramble on about anything and her gift of words just sucks me into a time warp, where the computer is God and I am his servant.  "Turn the page." "Okayyy." "Turn the page." "Okayyy..."

I am supposed to be doing laundry.

I found Rainy Days through another even more talented blog writer named Lali that has a wonderful blog titled My Green Vermont. Lali is talented beyond what's allowable, and I surely hope she writes a book one day, because I think I'd like to read it! 

There is something about Vermont that calls to me.  We loved Vermont when we passed through on our Fall Honeymoon 28 years ago. I guess we should go back for another visit.  Maybe it is Uncle Bill, one of my favorites, who was from Vermont.  He always said nice things about that state.

Lilu is about my age I am guessing.  She and her husband have a small farm that includes chickens and miniature goats that she used to milk until recently.  Milkmaid's shoulder, from a very short animal.  I'd like to take a walk in her shoes, and her blog allows me to do just that.  But I'm glad not to have goats.

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