Monday, January 25, 2010

Empty Nest Please

My sons will be a year older in late spring and I haved such exciting news, THEY'RE MOVING OUT!!  Do you know what this means??  Mark and I will have the house to ourselves for the first time in 26 years!

Robert went away to college at 17, graduated college, went to work for a couple of years, and then moved back home to cut expenses when he began law school.  I guess a year and a half is all he could tolerate.  David was born and just never has left. Currently 22-years old, David is planning on moving into an apartment after this school sememster ends (summer?). Currently 25-years old, Robert is working on moving into a friend's house right now, just ironing out the details.  With them goes their furniture.  I'm good with that!

I walked through the house today and looked at the two messy rooms that will soon be MINE ALL MINE!  David's room can be bright and cheerful and will become a sewing room.  Robert's room is a little darker, and this will be the perfect guest bedroom.  I think I'll put a in a trundle bed, which looks like a twin, but can be two twins or a king!   I'll have three empty closets to move things into.  I will put coats and off-season clothes in David's closets.  Robert has a walk-in closet with shelves, which will hold photo albums and some books. Oh goodie, goodie, goodie!  We need to start looking at paint colors!

We will miss David, the quiet repairman. We will miss Robert's exhuberance, a party waiting to happen. What we won't miss: David stays up late at night and sleeps all morning.  Robert cooks stinky onions for his morning omlette and doesn't relize how much he bangs the pans.  It's hard to share a house with other adults!  How wierd will it be to open the fridge and actually find a container of yogurt?

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