Monday, January 18, 2010

Air Potatoes Galore!

Inspired by Ravine Gardens State Park's Annual Air Potato Rodeo, I offered the neighbor kids two cents for each air potato they found under the trees around the pond in our front yard..  Eight children started filling grocery sacks in what looked like an Easter egg hunt.  They collected a total of 1,200 egg-sized  tubers.  Each potato is a potential tree-choking vine that grows thick and blocks my view of the water.  I passed out coins totaling $3 each, plus a dollar prize for the funniest (a snowman), and a dollar for the largest potato.  Addison, who just turned four, was so excited with pocket full of dimes and nickels, and asked if she could keep looking for more tomorrow.  I left the deal open: two cents a tater for the sweetest little blue eyed charmer.  "Forever?" she asked.  "Yes, forever," was my solemn promise.

Clutter Update:  Today was a holiday and Mark didn't want to do any work, so I tagged along on his errands to Costco, Home Depot, and Office Max.  Once home, I cleaned out the fridge, started working on a new way to organize the filing cabinet, and threw away a bunch of magazines.  Hey, it's a beginning!

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