Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Was a Bad Brownie Scout

First grade at Assumption Catholic School, and the mean lunch lady that slammed her big spoon on the tables for "silence" was serving something icky, and the boys flipped pickle slices onto the ceiling, so I, in my little Brownie uniform, walked across the busy 2-lane highway to Krystal for lunch...

Msgr.Jordan must have been called, as he appeared and sat beside me, ate a mini-burger and chatted with me and then held my hand as we walked back across the street. 'Turns out we weren't supposed to leave campus, and since I used my Brownie dues (fifteen cents) to pay for my meal, it was decided then and there that I was no longer a Brownie. "Good!" I thought, as I hated that ugly uniform and silly crafts! I never told my mother the real reason I quit.

Years later, Msgr. Jordan performed our wedding, and Msgr. Jordan and my 6'6" husband stood eye to eye. I never lost my love for Krystal burgers and tall and gentle men. 

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